Barbara McAfee 

Barbara uses sound and song to awaken the human spirit and foster joy.
Her work as a voice coach helps people "find their voice" whatever that means to them. This work is at the heart of her book  
Full Voice: The Art and Practice of Vocal  Presence ​
and the topic of her
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She is also an  irrepressible community song leader with  a gift for calling beautiful music out of  any  group.
As a prolific singer/songwriter, Barbara  has produced 7 CDs and has begun  working on her eighth. She is the  founder  and director of The Morning  Star  Singers,  a group of volunteers who  bring  singing to  people facing health  challenges.

 When women wake mountains move.
 When women rise the world rises with  us,
 so women wake, women wake,
 women rise, women rise,
 women rise!

(from Barbara’s anthem written for the Women’s Leadership Revival Tour with Margaret Wheatley).

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