Children's Activity Center

We welcome children at Savanna Moon Celebration. We have organized a new feature this year, the CAT or Children’s Activity Tent. This is a children’s area with supervised activities which will be available during workshops so that Moms and other guardians can participate in all the festival has to offer. They will have activities, games, hikes, dress up, art and much more to promote curiosity, music and exploration. Adult workshops will be held nearby for added support and promoting a feeling or safety and security.

These are supervised activities, not childcare. Women are responsible for their children at all times, while at the festival. The festival is a rural farmstead and does contain a few hazards not found in a more urban setting. We will provide more detailed information at registration.

- The festival welcomes boys under 4 years old.

- Children who are left at the CAT should be potty trained with independent toilet skills.

- All children are welcome to play at any time in the CAT with adult supervision

- All children must be registered for the festival. Children 10 years old and        under are free. Children 10 - 18 years old are $75.

- Use of the CAT is a suggested donation of $50.

- Women with children utilizing the CAT are encouraged to volunteer for a 2 hour play shift during the weekend.

Photos by Candace Freeland