Cathy Coon

Cathy is a lifelong Naturalist and  Outdoor  Educator with birds always on  the brain.  She is never far from a pair  of binoculars.  She is an itinerant poet  whose wanderings  draw her to wild  places of the world.

Cathy is a Jane of all Trades having  worked as a rock climbing director,  horseback riding instructor,  manufacturing CEO and psychic  teacher (among others). She worked as  the Hospitality Queen at the Northern  Lights  Women's Festival in Duluth and  as a tree trimmer at the Michigan  Womyn's Music  Festival. 

She is ecstatic to be co-producing the  3rd Savanna Moon Celebration and  leading walks to explore the birds of the  lovely savanna.

 Pansies do not need to forgive 
 the wilting summer sun.
 Cool nights of spring burst them 
 into purples and pinks
 on a brick edged step
 near the mudcaked boots
 Their kindness is in knowing 
 their season...

-Excerpt from Pansies, Cathy Coon
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