Claudia VillaCova Hinton

Claudia is a licensed professional counselor with a MA in clinical counseling.  Claudia comes from a long line of medicine wombyn in her family and has spent most of her life studying many different healing modalities.  Her method is body based stemming from her belief that our bodies are wise and intelligent.  She grounds on the truth that tapping into our bodies intelligence gives us access to our inner medicine and wisdom as well as direct connection to our spirituality. Science now backs up what her grandmothers practiced as a cultural-way of life.  Claudia’s professional practice is not just a theory, it is her way of living.  She lives, loves and works feeling her way through life while weaving her mind's creativity to infuse her spirit in everything she does.  Living with an intimate, open heart and fired with passion she dreams and inspires for all to know the beauty and magnificence that lives with-in us all. 

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