Workshop & Activity Descriptions
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Thursday 4:00 p.m.
 Registration Begins

 Accoustic Music - Singing Welcome

Prairie Walking Meditation
Explore the feelings of walking through restored prairie and Snake Point Savanna - a remnant grass and wildflower rich hillside. The savanna has been evolving since the last glaciation thousands of years ago. The dry hills were historically burned by Native Americans and wildfires, and Snake Point savanna been relatively undisturbed by more recent European settlement impacts. We will meet in the cool hours of the morning. Laen will offer a brief overview of the ecology of the prairie and savanna, and the history of conservation at Savanna Moon; followed by a silent walk through the restored and into the remnant prairie for a short meditation.

Opening Ceremony 

Melanie DeMore

Dusty Heart

​​Drumming Workshop


Kelly Shay

Melanie DeMore
Drumming Workshop 

Melanie DeMore

Community Dinner
A to Z Produce and Bakery provides a vegetarian meal from their home grown produce.

Raffle tickets are drawn for prizes!

DJed Dance
Kelly Shay- DJ Enigma will play a variety of dance music.


Critter Communion on the Prairie 
Cathy Coon
A morning walk to look and listen for birds and wildlife. We will investigate the creatures of the  open prairie then slip into the forest  edge to observe the dramatic change of inhabitants. See and hear Northern Harriers, Indigo Buntings,  Eastern Bluebirds, Goldfinch,  Pheasants, Pileated Woodpeckers  and a variety of warblers. We will  also scout around for  snakes, voles  and 13-lined ground  squirrels as well  as any other creatures who decide to  visit us. We will discuss the  Shamanic meanings of  any significant encounters we have as  well. 

Zikr and Dances of Universal Peace

Jamila Knox
From the beginning of time, sacred movement, song and story brought people together
for seasonal ceremony and celebration, and in daily renewal and meditation. In this
workshop, we will learn and experience the Dances of Universal Peace and Zikr, two
types of Sacred Dance that stem from the Sufi tradition.

The Dances of Universal Peace, or DUP, set scriptures and sacred phrases from the
world's spiritual traditions to music and movement. The Dances invoke a sense of unity,
presence and compassion and touch the spiritual essence within ourselves. The
practice of Zikr includes chanting phrases, some in Arabic, supported by live music. The

movements tend to be very simple and repetitive giving us an opportunity to release
attachments to our mundane understandings and experiences and let ourselves fall into
the remembrance of who we are.

Closing ceremony 
Join us in the Koad (sacred circle of 13 oak trees) for our parting circle, ceremony, and songs. 
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